Australian Journalist Takes Rode VideoMic Me-L To London

Rode VideoMic Me-L connected to iOS iPhone via lightning connector

MIC.1 is based just South of Sydney near Wollongong. Our local commercial TV station is the WIN Network and recently one of their news journalists, Tanya Dendrinos, contacted us to get some advice on microphones for mobile reporting. Tanya was about to head off to London for a couple of years and wanted to be prepared to file reports both audio and video on the go.

Fast forward a couple of months and Tanya could not have picked a better time to move to London, journalism wise, with the onset of Coronavirus and disruption to all our lives that COVID-19 has caused. But for a journalist, in a new country, working solo it presented an opportunity and Tanya quickly picked up a position as a journalist at BBC World News  twitter icon @tanyadendrinos

Rode VideoMic Me-L with windshield connected to iPhone on Joby grip

One of Tanya’s first attempts using the Rode VideoMic Me-L was to record the UK’s national #ClapForCarers started on March 26th, 2020 and becoming a Thursday tradition across the UK. People stop and spare a minute to laud the work of essential services staff across the country by spontaneously clapping to show their appreciation.

This was Tanya’s first time using the compact Rode VideoMic Me-L, she said “The sound quality really is amazing, I love it!“. We supplied Tanya with both a Rode VideoMic Me-L and also a Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview kit for any one-on-one interviews.

RØDE VideoMic Me-L with Lightning Connector for iOS

The Rode VideoMic Me-L is a high-quality directional microphone, made here in Sydney, with an iOS lightning connector to plug into your iPhone or iPad. Recording high-quality audio-only via the Rode Reporter free app or complementing the 4K mobile video you shoot the VideoMic Me-L is small and light and can be quickly and easily connected to your mobile device. In the box with the microphone comes with a mic clip to ensure the mic is secure and a handy detachable furry windshield. There is also a 3.5mm jack socket in the mic to plug in a headset for audio monitoring and playback.

Key Rode VideoMic Me-L features:

  • Plugs Directly into iOS Devices
  • Lightning Connect & 3.5mm Headphone Out
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • Includes furry windshield


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