RØDE Expand Wireless GO Range

Rode Interview GO mic mount for journalist reporting

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RODE Wireless GO now in Black or White


Rode expands Wireless Go range of products

RØDE Australia has just expanded their popular Wireless GO range of portable, high quality, wireless mics and accessories by adding a new White model receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX), a magnetic clip called Magclip GO for easy attaching to talent, a matching white Lavalier GO mic and a new handheld mount called the Interview GO.

Rode Wireless GO in White

Listening to feedback, presumably from the wedding videographer world, Rode has added White as an option for the Wireless GO system. Makes sense, most brides wear white, most corporates wear white shirts so clipping a white wireless mic feeding back high-quality digital audio in an unobtrusive way makes total sense.

Whether you buy the black or the white kit you get a handy carry pouch, colour coordinated receiver and transmitter, a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging, two fur windshields and a Rode  SC2 patch cable which is TRS (2-stripe) to TRS (2-stripe). Great if you want to plug your RX into your DSLR or into a portable digital voice recorder to collect your sound.

But if you are one of the expanding group of mobile producers pulling audio (and video) into your smartphone or tablet you will need to add in another cable the Rode SC7. This is a TRS (2-stripe) to TRRS (3-stripe) patch cable, TRRS is required for input to smartphones and tablets. If you own an iPhone or iPad with a lightning connector and no jack you will also need a TRRS to lightning cable like this one that Apple sell. 

Rode Interview GO

Clearly designed with the mobile journalist in mind the Rode Interview GO is a handheld mount for your Wireless GO transmitter that fits snugly in the mount and covered by a windshield. Perfect for reporting on the go and on the spot interviews.

Rode MagClip GO

A small simple device that comes in two parts; a strong magnet and a clip that attached to the back of the Wireless GO TX transmitter. Have a look at the video above from 1m21s and you will see how the Wireless GO can be attached in the example under a lapel.

Rode Lavalier GO White

Expanding on the white theme for weddings and corporates Rode have also added a white Lavalier GO mic. The black has been out for a while but regardless of colour you get a high-quality, professional-grade lav mic capable of delivering the audio quality you need. Designed to be used with the Wireless GO TX Transmitter, simply connect the Lavalier GO into the TX and pop the TX into a pocket or tucked away to pick up your audio through the lav mic rather than the Wireless GO TX.

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