New RODE RodeCaster Pro Accessories

New Rodecaster Pro Accessories - DC-USB1 HJA-4 SC9 and XLR-ID

RODE has just announced four new accessories for their RodeCaster Pro podcast recording and mixing desk to make your podcast production easier.

Having spent the last couple of years, the RodeCaster Pro was released in 2018, making regular updates to the unit’s firmware bringing many new features and updates, it was time to focus on some handy physical add-ons to your podcast production kit.


DC-USB1 for RODE RodeCaster Pro - Power your podcast desk from USB powerThe RODE DC-USB1 is a $30 power cable that allows the RODECaster Pro to be powered from a compatible USB output like one of those heavy USB power banks we used to carry around for recharging our smartphones on the go. The RODE DC-USB1 features a locking connector for added security. You will need a high power (2.4A minimum) USB output to power the RodeCaster Pro. How long will the RodeCaster Pro be powered for? That all depends on the battery power and if phantom mic power is used but on average several hours can be expected.


HJA-4 for RODE Rodecaster Pro - Headphone jack converter

The RODE HJA-4 pack contains four high-quality adaptors for converting headphones with the smaller 3.5mm plugs (as used on most consumer devices) for use with equipment that has the larger 1/4″ headphones sockets. The RODE HJA-4 adaptors are particularly suitable for connecting any headphones to the RODECaster Pro and the RODE AI-1 audio interface. 


XLR-ID RODE Rodecaster Pro AccessoryThe RODE XLR-ID is a set of eight colour-coded rings that can be clipped onto any XLR plug, assisting with cable identification. The colour of the rings matches the colours used for each of the microphone channels on the RODECaster Pro making it easier for you to recognise the channel being recorded, especially useful when you have three or four speakers.


SC9 RODE Rodecaster Pro TRRS to TRRS CableThe RODE SC9 is a high-quality 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS cable designed to connect a wide range of audio devices like your smartphone to the RodeCaster Pro. With a 1.5 metre long cable, it is particularly suitable for connecting your smartphone to the RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio.

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