RODE MagClip GO for Wireless GO Transmitter

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RØDE MagClip GO magnetic clip mount system for the RØDE Wireless GO TX transmitter mic.

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The RØDE MagClip GO is a powerful magnetic clip system that allows for easy positioning of a RØDE Wireless GO transmitter on your presenter turning the Wireless GO into true wearable technology. Clothing can be sandwiched between the magnet and clip for total flexibility. It can even be used to place the mic discreetly on an object in a scene or on a stage to capture dialogue.

Simply put the transmitter on one side of the material and the magnet on the other side with the swatch of clothing sandwiched in between. The transmitter will firmly stay in place giving you flexible audio recording options.

Rode MagClip GO Datasheet


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RØDE Microphones Australia

MagClip GO Specs

Clip Dimensions (mm)

Depth: 19.7

Width: 35.1

Height: 5

Magnet Dimensions (mm)

Depth: 17

Width: 26

Height: 2

Weight (g)

Clip: 5

Magnet: 9

Compatible Microphones

RØDE Wireless GO


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