RODE PODMIC – Dynamic XLR Podcast Microphone

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RODE PODMIC XLR podcast microphone. Can be used with RODECaster PRO or any XLR input sound desk.

XLR connection

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RØDE PODMIC – XLR Podcast Audio Recording Microphone – Made In Australia

RODE Australia’s new PODMIC XLR microphone specifically designed for podcast recording is a solid professional broadcast-grade dynamic microphone. The RODE PODMIC hides a built-in pop filter behind the stainless steel vocal grill which helps provide a rich even sound to give your podcast vocals silky, professional-quality sounding audio. The RODE PodMic can be used with any XLR interface but is optimised for use with the amazing RODECaster Pro 4 mic input podcasting audio mixing desk.


RODE Built Specifically for Podcasting

RODE Australia, a brand synonymous with high-quality audio recording worldwide, designed the RODE PodMic to create the ultimate/best podcast microphone for creators of all levels. From newbie podcaster to seasoned podcasting professional the RODE PODMIC is the studio podcast mic you have been looking for. The RODE PODMIC is durable, great-sounding, easy to use, flexible and solid weighing in at just under 1kg with its solid metal build. Whether your podcast style is screaming sports commentary, heated discussion or quietly spoken intimate poetry readings, the RODE PODMIC will always deliver a balanced, easy-listening vocal tone that your podcast subscribers will expect and love.

RODE PODMIC best podcast mic on RODE PSA1 microphone mount arm

RODE PODMIC Solid Metal Construction

The RODE PODMIC XLR podcasting microphone is encased in an all-metal body, built to last. Included with the RODE PODMIC is a robust swing-arm mount which matches perfectly to the RØDE PSA1 boom arm for ultimate flexibility and convenience. Want to use your RODE PODMIC on your desk, you will need the RODE DS1 microphone desk mount. Or just screw into any standard mic mount; desk, arm or free standing.


End Those Annoying Speech Plosive Pops

RODE PODMIC stainless steel microphone grillHidden under the hood of that metal-wrapped stainless steel mesh grill is an end-fire dynamic capsule protected by a pop shield.

This lets you get vocally up close and personal to your podcast mic for that intimate ‘radio’ sound eliminating the pop sounds you often get from inferior microphones when speaking too closely to the mic.


RODE PODMIC and RODECaster Pro podcast audio mixing desk console

The Ultimate Podcast Setup? – Match your RØDE PODMIC with the RØDECaster Pro

Integrated Podcast Audio Production Console

If you are new to podcasting and looking to set up a top-quality podcast recording solution then also take a look at the RODECaster Pro. Although the RODE PODMIC will give awesome results with any XLR interface it has been optimised for use with the new RØDECaster Pro integrated podcast audio production mixing console. All you need to do is select ‘PodMic’ as your microphone type using the touch screen on the RØDECaster Pro and the console will automatically apply the right settings to deliver the best possible audio from your RODE PODMIC whatever your voice type, volume or tone.


RØDE Microphones

RØDE Microphones Australia



Acoustic Principle:
Polar Pattern:
Frequency Range:
20Hz ~ 20kHz
Output Connection:
XLR Output
Output Impedance:
-57.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (1.60mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
Phantom Power – Not required


2 year extended warranty when you register your microphone


Colour – Black
Weight – a solid 937g
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) – 172 x 109 x 62
Compatible RØDE Accessories – RODE PSA1 Microphone Arm Mount


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